Sunday, November 11, 2012

TNT's Diner - West Fargo

TNT's Diner. We made it!  In an earlier post, I explained my disappointment when, the first time I tried to visit, it was closed randomly on a Saturday.  But this time, we struck gold.  TNT's is a treasure - hard to find, tucked behind Sandy's donuts in an industrial-looking building, but it's definitely worth the trip.  It was 5:00 pm when we grabbed a booth at TNT's and opened the menu to order dinner.

5 pm isn't the coolest hour for dinner, but dinner hour is all relative.  My dad unapologetically eats dinner at 5 pm.  7 pm is a good dinner hour for me.  A Spaniard wouldn't think of dining any earlier than 9 pm.  But there we were, some over-excited Gen Xers in town for a concert that started at 7 pm and we weren't going to miss a second of it, skipping the typical pre-concert downtown Fargo beer run and instead hanging with the silver-haired early dinner crowd for a patty melt and sour cream raisin pie. 

TNT's did not disappoint. They serve breakfast all day, and I was tempted by the malted waffles, but I picked a cheeseburger, topped with a fried egg, with some waffle fries and a side of homemade veggie soup.  My friend Jenny got an amazing roast beef melt sandwich with big 'ol chunks of meat, like it came straight from the crock pot. Sam tried the fish and chips, while my hubby got the Texas melt with thin-sliced meat. 

The meals were great - classic diner goodness - but the shining star at TNT's is dessert. I mean, look at that sour cream raisin pie!  Seriously, people.  I ordered apple crisp with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream, but my favorite dessert at the table (yes, we all shared) was the bread pudding.  I love bread pudding - it's totally under-appreciated in my humble opinion - and with homemade caramel all over this one, it did not disappoint. 

We probably ate too much, but we needed the fuel for the big show.  We were in Fargo for a Trampled by Turtles concert - don't know them?  Do yourself a favor and look them up on YouTube.  It's rock-bluegrass-wonderment with lots of facial hair and flannel (they're from Duluth, after all) and the kids love it.  Picture a crowd of 20-somethings screaming for more fiddle and banjo.  I wonder what those lovely silver-haired folks at TNT's would've thought about that. 

The concert crowd, taken by the band and shared on Facebook.  I'm in there, somewhere...


Danica said...

Ah yes. I just did some youtube searching and got myself lost in plaid and beards. A perfect Sunday evening :)

Marianne said...

Oh my, that pie!!! Looks spectacular!