Monday, October 29, 2012

Mom's Diner - Fargo, ND

To be honest, I went to Fargo to have lunch with my friend Sam at another diner. TNT's diner in West Fargo suddenly came on my radar thanks to an early morning visit by Tom Hanks this past summer. Because in North Dakota, if a Hollywood celebrity stops by, especially a well-liked one, you know it's going to make the paper. In contrast, Lars Ulrich from Metallica was in Fargo last weekend with his model girlfriend. It still got on the news, but I don't think the locals were nearly as impressed.

But I love a good diner, and I heard good things about this little TNT's tucked behind Sandy's Donuts in an industrial building. So I pull up and, disappointedly, see this.

CLOSED.  Major bummer. Plus, the sign brags up the potato dumplings that were still two eternally long days away!  That does not help this out-of-towner. I hung out for awhile waiting for my lunch date and stayed entertained by watching people pull in, get out their cars, glance at that same sign, and then stand around as if, if the waited just a little while, the situation may change. Alas. But judging from the constant traffic stopping by, it must be pretty good.  If you've been, do share!

Sam and I have been friends since junior high. He likes good music and laughs a lot, so clearly we were destined to be friends. With TNT's closed, we cruised over to Mom's Diner in downtown Fargo instead. Knoephla soup! Salad bar! Hot turkey sandwiches! Homemade apple pie! And everything served up by a friendly young waitress who reminded me of Amy Winehouse in some vague way.

It wasn't any amazing culinary experience - the pie was good, but the salad bar was your standard iceberg lettuce and pasta salad fare and my hot turkey sandwich definitely stuck to my ribs for awhile afterwards - but it satisfied my craving for some home cookin'. Sam and I sat in our roomy booth, reminiscing, catching up, and basically giggling the whole time, and it just proved once again that it's not necessarily what you eat that makes the meal - it's who you dine with.


Doug Leier said...

TnT's is worth a return trip :0 try the BEAST!

shannon i olson said...

love the omlettes there, not the kneofle, haven't been in quite a while so things may have changed. It used to be a favorite place for us to go. Restaurants pop up so fast here we loose track! Hope you had a fun time in Fargo!!